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Last updated: April 28, 1998

Brief bio & Specs

Hello everybody, my name is Tom Kralidis and this is my homepage (if you already know me, scroll down).  I live in Ottawa, but am originally from Toronto. I graduated from York University in geography and believe it or not I am working in that field for the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, as part of a desktop processor project (technical junk).  I also love to travel, both down south and to Europe frequently. If you can't tell from the pic, I am of Greek descent.  I enjoy playing hockey and tennis, and watching everything else.

As far as computers go, a year ago I didn't even know how to turn one on.   So believe me if you are afraid of them there's hope, especially if I got the hang of it.   I am an eager HTML enthusiast, hoping to broaden my knowledge in this field and make it more than a hobby.  In other words, should you come across some strange formats on this site, I am                experimenting!!  As far as systems go,  I run both a PC and MAC at home and just about everything you can think of at work.  I am now running a top notch editor so look for updates on this page more frequently.  I am also working on a project for York University, in developing their Ottawa Branch homepage, which launches this fall.   Click here for my technical and design advice.....

 chair3.gif (928 bytes)   Comments from the chair...

Welcome again all, it's been awhile hasn't it?  Well, I've been really occupied with work, school, you know life.   Well alot has been happening since I last wrote.  We spent Easter weekend in Boston and I must say it was quite fun. Did you know that the Fleet Center was built 9 inches away from the Boston Garden?  As far as the rest of Boston goes, Harvard was no big deal, the seafood was indeed a big deal, and the trolley tours were great.  In general, three words-- Safe, clean and expensive!!  But it was worth it, right?  Right?? 

I have now moved to greener pastures in Ottawa, thank goodness.   Hey why don't you pass by, we would love to see you, really!!  Some updates:   Sean is working, everyone!!  Head down to Houston's on Adelaide and try them out, and give a good word for Sean to the boss.  Penko's getting married!!!  Congratulations Penko for finding the right girl and good luck.  Cez is back from Montreal after his Air Canada training, and we are all awaiting his stories, welcome back Cez!!  Gord is teaching away and pursuing his masters, check his homepage out while your at it.  Doria is consulting for GIS and eating his chicken wings as usual at the nearby Chick 'N Deli.  It was cool seeing Glenn too, first time since the wedding, happy birthday buddy!!  In retro, cool to see you all.   Which reminds me, don''t be shy to call, I will call you right back to lessen the long-distance charge, to those who will remain nameless.....

Thanks to everyone I saw while in Toronto last weekend, and sorry to those I stiffed, I can't be in 100 places at once.  It is getting better here in Ottawa, we might just reach warm temperatures.  Go Wings!!   No I am not an Ottawa Senators fan, just the beer stand at the Corel Centre. 

stonecold.jpg (17031 bytes) Wrestling News...

Stone Cold Steve Austin is taking on all comers since WM14.   Everybody who agrees gimme a hell yeah!!  Vince McMahon can't even stop him.   The WWF is definitely loving the SCSA wagon, but how long can he go??  Is he better off as working-class people's champ or can he keep up as the World Champion??  Unforgiven proved him to be of championship caliber as did WM14.  As for the rest of the last PPV, the Undertaker/Kane inferno was actually pretty cool.  What began as a joke of an angle has emerged into a cool script of warfare between the two brothers. 

As for the WCW, they are still fighting the Flair boycott and high hospital bills for aging grapplers.  Here's some advice to you all: ditch WCW, they are has-beens of the WWF.  What other federation would go with Sting flying from the rafters for over a year as the main event?  'Nuff said.

hardworker.gif (5130 bytes)Things to look for in the future...

I will be working hard, just like my friend above to upgrade this site to include the following:  a cool guestbook for all of you to post your comments, more pages to link to and some more about travelling, so stay tuned and bookmark this page to keep coming back y'all ya hear?!

Hey, thanks alot for checking us out!!

Your feedback means alot to us.  Please drop us a line and tell is how we are doing, and what we could do to make this a hipper and more informative page.   By the way, us = me and me only.

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