Disaster Steak

(preamble: if you know me well enough, you’ll know that I use the term “disaster” in multiple modes / contexts. In this case, “disaster steak” is a good thing).

the beginning

This was a steak night. I had some friends over this weekend and sparked up the BBQ. I picked up some (big) sirloin steaks from Costco, made sure beer was stocked and away I went. Here’s how one makes a simple steak to die for:

  • wash down steaks with cold water
  • place steaks in a large bowl
  • douse steaks with balsamic vinegar (white or red) and rub
  • douse steaks with olive oil and rub
  • sprinkle steaks with Montreal steak spice (you can make your own if you really want)
  • seal the bowl and place in the fridge for an hour or so to let the steaks marinate
  • heat up the BBQ and slap on the steaks (N.B. have booze, appetizers, both, or whatever you want along the way — it’s always better than everyone just sitting there watching [and waiting]!)

appetizerson the BBQ

  • cook steaks as desired (I like mine _well_ done)
  • serve and enjoy!

bon appetite!

Click on any of the photos to see the whole process in pictures. Pretty simple, not much fuss and tastes awesome — disaster!

Anyone have any pointers or other ideas? I’d be glad to hear them!

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