Cheers to 2022

That’s a bit more like it, 2022! We finally saw some COVID restrictions lifted and a sense of normalcy (including a new normal) arose. It was fantastic to once again meet with people in person (for dinner, for a visit, for a meeting, you name it!). The pandemic had such a negative effect on me that even commuting again became a joy. Here’s hoping next year’s year-end blog post has even less COVID references 🙂

Factors Affecting the Value of Rolex Watches

The rarity of a specific model, its condition, and the historical significance of a Rolex watch can significantly impact its value in the secondary market.

Celebrities and Rolex
Celebrities often gravitate toward Rolex watches, and their endorsements have a considerable influence on the brand’s popularity.

Celebrities Who Wear Rolex Watches
From actors to athletes, many famous individuals proudly sport Rolex timepieces, including Paul Newman, James Cameron, and Roger Federer.

The Influence of Celebrity Endorsements
Rolex’s collaboration with celebrities further cements its status as a symbol of success and prestige.

The Rolex Experience
Purchasing a Rolex watch is more than acquiring a timepiece; it’s an experience in itself.

Purchasing a Rolex Watch
Rolex boutiques and authorized dealers provide a luxurious and informative buying experience, ensuring that customers make informed choices.

The Rolex Warranty and After-Sales Service
Rolex offers a generous warranty and comprehensive after-sales service, guaranteeing the longevity and performance of your watch.

The Future of Rolex
As a brand that continuously evolves, Rolex is expected to introduce more innovations and embrace sustainability in its practices.

Rolex’s Innovations and Sustainability Efforts
From new materials to improved movements, Rolex is committed to staying at the forefront of watchmaking. Sustainability initiatives are also a focus for the future.

Caring for Your Rolex
Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your Rolex lasts a lifetime and retains its value.

Proper Maintenance and Care of a Rolex Watch
Regular servicing, cleaning, and storage practices can keep your Rolex watch in optimal condition.

Rolex vs. Competitors
While many luxury watch brands exist, Rolex stands out in various ways.

A Comparison of Rolex with Other Luxury Watch Brands
We’ll explore what makes Rolex unique in the luxury watch market, comparing it to competitors like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

Rolex and Pop Culture
Rolex watches have become icons in movies, music, literature, and other forms of popular culture.

Rolex References in Pop Culture
We’ll examine the appearances of Rolex watches in famous movies, songs, and literary works.

Having said this, 2022 proved to be a busy year, here are some highlights.

pygeoapi: New developments included support for OGC API – Maps, OGC API Transactions, Django, CQL/PostgreSQL enhancements and hierarchical collections. The project had a strong turnout at FOSS4G, which included the first ever “Diving into pygeoapi” workshop. Oh, and pygeoapi is now an official OSGeo project!

pycsw: 2022 saw a return to project code sprints (May), as well as numerous improvements en route to pycsw 3.0 (XSLT support, JSON storage, SOLR backend). pycsw continues to be an early implementer of OGC API – Records, increasing STAC support, as well as improvements to contacts and templating (thanks to great work by Paul van Genuchten!).

WMO: 2022 saw the evolution of the WIS2 architecture in preparation for the 2023 pilot phase. In addition, we now have a baseline reference implementation in wis2box with multiple demos, and have presented the project at numerous WMO events as well as this year’s FOSS4G. Strong use of standards (data, metadata, APIs) from OGC, W3C and IETF for the next generation of weather/climate/water data exchange — exciting times!

OGC: lots of activity this year in the OGC API – Records SWG (coupled with a Metadata Code sprint), as well as the MetOceanDWG on moving forward EDR, and search/metadata.

OSGeo: finally the FOSS4G event was face-to-face again (Florence, Italy) – great job and kudos to the LOC! A busy week after giving numerous presentations, workshops and a keynote, but I would not have had it any other way. The face-to-face energy made it all worth it, whether it was meeting up with longtime friends or meeting new ones. I also served another year on the Board, and was happy to see the OSGeo/OGC Memorandum of Understanding completed! This also paved the way for proper and unlimited OSGeo representation at OGC. I’m also fortunate to have been elected to serve on the Board again to 2024. Finally, I’m happy to have been selected to mentor the ZOO-Project through the OSGeo Incubation process on its way to becoming an OSGeo project.

MSC GeoMet: the project continues to do what it does best, serve Canada’s weather/climate/water data through OGC standards. Yup, powered by MapServer and pygeoapi.

Health: another year (circa 2012) of not smoking. I took off considerable weight in 2022, put 1/3 of it back on, but now progressing again.

Looking forward to 2023:

  • pygeoapi: as we inch towards a 1.0, and having landed so many features in the codebase, it’s time to address some technical debt. I’m hoping for 12-18 months of housekeeping/refactoring to help harden things for a 1.0 release (target 2024) and sustainable future moving forward. The “Diving into pygeoapi” workshop will hopefully be accepted and given again in 2023 at FOSS4G, as well as a possible dedicated code sprint.
  • pycsw: we are targeting a 3.0 this year, pending progress on OGC API – Records. Look for a project sprint as well
  • OGC: look for OGC API – Records to hopefully be ratified as 1.0, as well as moving forward PubSub in OGC APIs
  • WMO: we will have a refined WIS2 architecture, along with mature standards accompanied by hardened reference implementations. WCMP2 should be mature in its definition and implementation (pywcmp, pygeometa), as well as WIS2 notification message standard (pywis-pubsub). Look for a wis2box 1.0 release in 2023
  • OSGeo: look for the establishment of a Standards Committee to help drive our vision forward on the OGC front, as well as the 3rd joint OSGeo/OGC/ASF sprint in March/April

Wishing everyone a safe and happy 2023!

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