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OSGeo Daytona Beach Code Sprint 2017 redux

I attended the 2017 OSGeo Code Sprint last week in Daytona Beach.  Having put forth a personal sprint workplan for the week, I thought it would be useful to report back on progress.

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There was lots of discussion on refactoring pycsw’s filter support to enable NoSQL backends.  While we are still in discussion, this enhancement should open the doors for any backend (ElasticSearch, SOLR, a GitHub repository, another API, etc.).  In addition, Frank Warmerdam started writing a pycsw OGR backend to support CSW exposure of the Planet Scenes API via OGR. This also presents exciting possibilities given OGR’s support of numerous underlying formats.  Frank also provided valuable advice and feedback on interacting with pycsw as a developer/contributor.  Thank you Frank!


There has been long discussion on a next generation GHC including a renewed architecture with core work on the model as well as an API.  A basic architecture has surfaced as a result which focuses on having the UI exclusively work with the API, as well as a plugin framework which Just van den Broecke has started working on.  I also worked on tagging which will be the last piece before cutting a release and forging ahead on the new architecture.


The focus on pygeometa is now on renewing the MCF format from .ini to YAML.  Initial pieces are completed in a dev branch which I plan to merge once we clear current issues and cut a stable release.


While I couldn’t get to everything I planned for, I think significant steps were made in moving the above projects forward along their respective roadmaps.  It was also great to see some familiar faces as well as new contributors and projects!

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