FOSS4G2006 Day 1

(Update on luggage: they found it and hand delivered it to my room)

Things are hopping here in Lausanne. The conference registration was today (and yesterday for early birds).

FOSS4G2006 Day 1The ice-breaker was last night at Taco’s Bar, and was partly sponsored by Autodesk (thanks!). It was great to see the people we constantly communicate with over email, irc, and the like. Some of us are paying for a late night this morning, so tonight may be a bit more quiet 🙂

Conference workshops run today. I’m currently at the GeoNetwork workshop and am finding it useful. Looks like a nice piece of software. Even more interesting will be when support for Cat2.0 CS-W is added, which is what I’m really looking forward to.FOSS4G Day 1 GeoNetwork will also support the OAI interface. So all of this on top of an existing z39.50 interface, and we seem to have a repository which can interoperate on many specification levels. I’m looking forward to Jeroen’s participation in our Catalog/Discovery “birds of a feather” session on Thursday.

Well, that’s about it for now. Assefa and I are giving the MapServer OGC Web Services Workshop tomorrow, which I am looking forward to seeing new faces and participants who would like to implement MapServer for standards-based data and services.

More later, exercise 2 is starting 🙂

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