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Well, I’ve finally decided to give Python an honest try. A born and bred Perl hack, then dipping into PHP, I’ve seen much Python applause in the geospatial software community through many of Sean’s posts. Though I know Sean thinks mapscript is a disaster, it was via mapscript that I started to look more into Python.

So here’s what I typically start off with when doing development:

  • HTTP / URLs / Forms: for Perl, I use CGI; for PHP, I use the native, built in functions
  • XML Processing: for Perl, I use XML::Simple; for PHP, I use SimpleXMLElement
  • Database: for Perl, I use DBI; for PHP, I use the compiled in mysql support, for example

So far I’ve found urllib2 and ElementTree to be useful. Other than that, I’m finding the command line pretty awesome for one offs and testing.

If anyone’s got any other suggestions, that would be great!!

UPDATE (20 June 2007): Manual trackback and great post / response from Sean

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  1. Sean Gillies said,

    Wrote on June 22, 2007 @ 22:33:20

    Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux

    I’m glad you like the suggestions. Trying any of them yet?

    Posted from United States United States
    Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux
  2. tomkralidis said,

    Wrote on June 29, 2007 @ 10:37:48

    Mozilla Firefox Fedora Linux

    Trying to get my head around WSGI. Genshi is very cool.

    I’m writing a Python OWS Common implementation using Genshi and TemplateLoader. Is this already out there? If no, does anyone think this would be of value to integrate into an existing framework/package?

    Posted from Canada Canada
    Mozilla Firefox Fedora Linux

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