Making W*S suck less

I’m starting to work on contributing SOS and OWS Common support in OWSLib, a groovy and regimented little GIS Python project.

So far so good; some initial implementations are done (committing soon hopefully, writing tests around these).  I think this will add value to the project, seeing that SOS 1.0 has been around long enough to start seeing implementations.  And the OWS Common support will act as a baseline for all calling specs/code to leverage.

And it’s been a nice journey in Python for me so far.  Another thing I like about this project is the commitment to testing — awesome!

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  1. Sean Gillies said,

    Wrote on September 19, 2008 @ 11:02:42

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    And we’re grateful for the contributions, Tom! My opinions about the protocols aside: W*S is out there, enterprises like yours are dependent on it, and there should be excellent Python tools to make a programmer’s W*S experience as good as possible. It’s a pragmatic project.

    I hope you’re liking doctests 🙂

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  2. Derek said,

    Wrote on February 15, 2010 @ 05:43:22

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    Can you point me to the SOS code (as opposed to the WFS/WMS code) for OWSLib?

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  3. tomkralidis said,

    Wrote on February 15, 2010 @ 15:47:02

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    @Derek: in trunk at

    At this point, the implementation is partial at best, with Capabilities XML parsing. DescribeSensor and GetObservation support needs to be implemented, as well as doctests for all SOS support. Tests/patches welcome!

    Posted from Canada Canada
    Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Mac OS X 10

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