GeoUsage: Log Analyzer for OGC Web Services

Continuing on the UNIX philosophy, another little tool to help with your OWS workflows.

GeoUsage attempts to support the use case of metrics and analysis of OWS service usage.  How many users are hitting your OWS?  Which layers/projections are the most popular?  How much bandwidth?  How many maps vs. data downloads?

A pure Python package, GeoUsage doesn’t have strong opinions beyond OWS-specific parsing and analysis of web server logs.  GeoUsage is composable, i.e. frequency, log management, and storage of results is totally up to the user.  Having said this, a simple and beautiful command line interface is available for eyeballing results.

As always, GeoUsage is free and open source.

It’s early days, so feedback, bug reports, suggestions are appreciated.  Contributors are most welcome!

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